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British Bullion forms part of The Vaults Group. With ten Safe Deposit Box facilities across the UK & Ireland, The Vaults Group is Europe’s largest independent Safe Deposit Box company. Three more branches are due to open during 2023, including a facility in Barcelona. Our Safe Deposit Boxes lie outside the banking system, and it is possible to buy and sell gold and silver bullion at highly competitive prices at any of our locations.

The Vaults Group started trading in 2013, and now offers Safe Deposit Boxes at nine different locations across the UK & Ireland. Safe Deposit Boxes are available from £170 per year, and are accessible seven days a week.

British Bullion clients can buy, sell and store gold, silver, platinum and palladium at any of our locations, and may also take their purchases away with them. Scottish Bullion can also offer storage for VAT-free silver at bonded warehouses in Zurich, London or the Cayman Islands.


Shavo Services Limited (T/A British Bullion)

Company Number: SC684356
VAT Number: GB422573313

Who we Are

Photo of Séamus Fahy Séamus Fahy Linkedin Profile

Séamus Fahy


Director Séamus Fahy studied business at the University of Limerick. Upon graduating, Séamus decided to pursue a career in the oil and gas sector starting with a trading position with Irish National Petroleum Corp (The State Oil Company). Séamus then joined ConocoPhillips operating out of the London office where he was senior Gasoline trader dealing regularly with diverse international clients. Upon leaving ConocoPhillips, Séamus decided to pursue entrepreneurial ventures in domestic and foreign markets focusing on opportunities in both commodities and real estate markets. His investment and activity in commodities provided the opportune background to participate in the growing gemstones market. In 2008, he set up Voltaire Diamonds, a leading provider of engagement rings and diamond rings. In 2013 along with his partner David Walsh he spotted an opportunity for Safe Deposit Boxes in Dublin and set up Merrion Vaults, which soon expanded as The Vaults Group.

With an extensive background in trading, and having established Scotland’s only purpose built Safe Deposit Box facilities, selling bullion was a natural fit and British Bullion was born.

Photo of David Walsh David Walsh Linkedin Profile

David Walsh


Director David Walsh studied Finance at University College Cork. In 1999, he set up City Box, which has grown to become the UK and Ireland’s largest mall media company. David and Séamus set up The Vaults Group and British Bullion together.

Photo of David Higgins David Higgins Linkedin Profile

David Higgins

Head of Trading

David studied at Trinity College Dublin, during which time he interned at PwC, before undertaking further study at the Institute of Banking. After university David worked in the banking industry before joining British Bullion in January 2020 and is now the Head of Trading at The Vaults Group.

Photo of Declan Mc Laughlin Declan Mc Laughlin Linkedin Profile

Declan Mc Laughlin

Bullion Dealer

Declan obtained a degree in Law at LYIT and Pontificia Comillas University in Madrid. After that he studied Investments and Capital Markets through Dublin Business School and the Institute of Banking. Declan began his career in the banking industry before working on the dealing desk of a multinational forex trading brokerage for several years. He joined British Bullion as a bullion dealer in July 2021.

Photo of Sandra Kilcullen Sandra Kilcullen Linkedin Profile

Sandra Kilcullen

Head of UK Trading

Prior to joining The Vaults Group in 2016, Sandra had a successful career in the travel industry which included foreign exchange trading for many years. After five years as a Bullion Broker, Sandra took up the role of Head of UK Trading in August 2021.

Photo of Joanna MacDonald Joanna MacDonald Linkedin Profile

Joanna MacDonald

Bullion Co-Ordinator

Joanna obtained a degree in Business Management at Edinburgh Napier University. She joined the company in May 2021 and was recently promoted to Bullion Co-Ordinator.

Photo of Killian Dineen Killian Dineen Linkedin Profile

Killian Dineen

Bullion Dealer

Killian studied at University College Cork, where he acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2021. He then went on to pursue a Masters degree in Finance, focusing on Banking & Risk Management, graduating in 2022. Throughout the summer of 2022, Killian completed a thesis as part of his Masters which focused on the efficiency of sports betting markets. After completing his studies, Killian worked as part of the Financial Operations team at EirGrid for close to a year. He joined Merrion Gold as a Bullion Dealer in May 2023.

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