Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy over the counter from you?

Unfortunately not, British Bullion operates purely on a ‘buy to order’ basis. We do not hold stock at our offices. Very occasionally we will have certain products in-stock, but this stock can only be purchased by existing clients on a by-appointment basis. It is always best to call and let our trading desk know what you are looking for – they will be able to tell you if we have any of the products in-stock.

- Can you store my gold for me?

Depending on your location – yes we can. Our company is unique in that we also own and run Safe Deposit Box facility’s in Ireland, Scotland and England. Please contact us for further details on this or visit: (Ireland) – (Scotland) – (England) – (England)

How can I pay for my gold purchases?

We accept payments by the following methods only – cleared cheques / bank drafts, EFT bank transfer and cash. We do not accept payments by Credit/Debit Card for gold purchases.

Is it best to buy coins or bars?

The coins and bars that we sell at British Bullion are all investment grade, solid gold products, and LBMA approved. Each bar and coin carries a premium above the spot price of the metal. The premium is determined by the availability, desirability, mining, minting and refining costs. Typically, coins command higher premiums than bars, and they also carry a ‘minting charge’. Unless you have a preference for a particular coin, and if you are buying purely for investment purposes it is usually more economic to purchase bullion bars over coins.

Which type of coins should I buy?

This is really a personal preference. The gold content in coins vary from 90% to 917/1000 to 999.9/1000 – this does not necessarily mean that a coin with 90% gold content is worth any less than the coin with 999.9/1000 purity – in the world of coins supply and demand is also a factor. Talk to any of our team for more details on the different types of coins available to you.

What is your price based on?

We take the live price of gold – the ‘spot’ price – and add or subtract the premium applicable to the coin/s or bar/s you are looking to buy or sell.

Will I get the price as quoted on the website?

The prices on the website are for indicative purposes only. Please email us for a live price.  We only ‘lock-in’ prices once funds have been received.

What are your delivery methods and costs?

Clients can pick their bullion up in our secure office or we offer nationwide, insured delivery. The cost will be determined by the weight and value of the package.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Once the price has been locked-in and the trade processed, delivery is within 3-5 working days.

Will you buy back my coins and bars?

Yes. British Bullion will guarantee to give you a price to buy back your gold.

How do I sell bullion back to you?

Simply let us know what you would like to sell and we will give you a buyback price based on the current spot-trading price of gold. The price cannot be locked-in until we have received the gold for testing and are happy to buy it back.

How do I know that my coins and bars are genuine?

British Bullion deal in coins and bars from LBMA approved, internationally renowned and recognised refineries. Added to this we have full 5 level testing capabilities in-house. Every gold product, which passes through our company, is fully tested.

Store Your Gold With Us

British Bullion can offer bullion storage in our purpose built safe deposit box facilities throughout the UK.